4 Indicators That You Need A Sign Replacement

Taye Harding

Presentable business signage is a crucial factor in maintaining positive brand associations. However, like with everything in life, signs also have an expiration date. Even with regular maintenance, there will come a time when your sign will start to get worn out and fall apart. While good & quality signage can do wonders for your business, broken or outdated signage will generate negative responses and even discourage customers from stopping by your store.

At Minoh, we can help with signage maintenance, repair, and upgrading services to our clients. In this blog post, we are aiming to help you find out if your sign is dead and if it’s time for you to replace or upgrade it.

Your Signage is Losing Readability:

Almost all types of signage start to lose their definition over time. This can be caused by the weather, lighting, or just a lack of maintenance. If your sign is no longer able to display necessary information, it's essentially useless. An unreadable sign won’t attract visitors or inform visitors about your location. The minute you realize that your sign is no longer able to convey the information you need it to, it’s time to upgrade.

Your Sign is Outdated

If you have recently redesigned your branding, your business signage should reflect those changes as well. Any revamping in your marketing elements like your logo, colour templates, or business name should also reflect on your signage. Furthermore, your signs may be considered outdated when it’s no longer blending with the surroundings. If your signs don’t help you stand out, then it’s time to get a new one.

Your competitor’s signs are more appealing

Signs are your tool to cut through the competition and rise above. If your competitors have better signs, there is a high chance that they’ll get more sales even if you provide better products or services. When it comes to securing new customers, the first impression is critical, and your sign is the best tool for you to leave a lasting one.

Your Signage Was Designed on a Budget:

In your start-up period, you may not have the proper budget to invest in a long-term signage solution. However, if your business grows, it is smart to invest in bigger and better signs. Pocket friendly signage solutions may set you in motion, but when it comes to making your mark in a crowded marketplace, you’ll need to spend some extra money to get signage that better represents your brand identity.

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