As the new year begins, we tend to reflect on the past 12 months and make a plan for the next. Things have been difficult for many the past two years, so let’s turn the page and start 2022 with positivity.
After reviewing the research available, here’s a look at what top design trends are coming our way this year:

Beware the motion of the ocean.

Motion Graphics - you will see more and more motion graphics in 2022. The Pandemic rebirthed the use of QR codes. Using QR codes to relay information has become an everyday activity. This gives many opportunities to incorporate motion graphics in our digital world. Giving a graphic life is just another great storytelling tool that brands can use to connect with clients and customers, and set themselves apart from others.
I can feel your Chaotic Energy.
Chaos and energy will be thematic. The use of stand-out images, bright neon colours, and jagged sharp edges will be utilized in new ways to somehow form symmetry. Creating order in the midst of chaos.

Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

The Pandemic is GLOBAL. It isn’t fun, but it does force us to think differently, work together in new ways and sometimes reach out to International neighbours and colleagues to get the job done. That’s a positive outlook we can take from this COVID experience that holds endless options for creativity in our new world.
Stay calm and design on.
This reactionary trend of composure and patience is an attempt to distract from the assailment of everyday news and information. Muted colour palettes and minimalistic visuals are a welcome change to rest the eyes.

She thinks my triangle is sexy

Geometric shapes are on point in 2022. Geometric shapes can help give structure and support to a layout, plus they provide a million combinations to create eye-catching graphics. This throwback to the 80s and 90s, with loud colours and geometric shapes, is predicted to be seen more across the board.

Stand Together.

Inclusion and variety will still be an enormous trend in 2022. Beyond trending, we are able to see this be a component of our “new normal.” There has been a lucid push for more diverse representation in marketing which are going to be more prevalent. This important movement inspired many Graphic Designers to portray diversity and foster change.

Look at me! Read my video!

Text laden videos are going to be the norm. The audience is tired of the “talking head” video and can progress quickly. Brands today are becoming their message across more efficiently by using plenty of text in their video messages. the nice thing about this method is that companies can extend their branding with fonts, colours and messaging.

Optimistic caution describes the attitude that designers have going into 2022. A hope that after the Pandemic, we will make profound work and affect social change. 2020 and 2021 pushed us to realize perspective and realize what’s REALLY important.
Let’s get out there and make some cool stuff to assist brands prosper.

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