With the holiday’s coming up, especially one that features supply chain challenges and labor shortages, “rebound shopping” will occur as many felt they skipped over on retail experiences over the past year. But the most useful tip we’ve taken from news stories over the past few weeks is that starting early can help you in the long run. 

So how can businesses set themselves apart from others this holiday season? You can do it with an effective visual communication strategy, useful for every shopper by keeping these three things in mind:

  1. Signs for savings

While some may have some extra funds thanks to limited time getting out and about over the past year, most shoppers are still searching for a good bargain. From hanging signs to window graphics and festive cutouts, retailers can entice customers by visually communicating any deals or shipping discounts. A-frames can even grab the eye of passersby in front of a retail space, who might just stop in thanks to the savings a store is offering. Banners and banner stands might go well with your communication strategy this season.

  1. Signs for holiday foot traffic

With little time and a requirement to maneuver quickly through a shopping space, retail establishments can set themselves apart by incorporating signs with their customers top-of-mind. Stanchions can assist with control for checkout lines while well-marked areas for various services can help shoppers move throughout the space and complete their holiday needs in an exceedingly timely manner. Signs can even help highlight and point the directions to departments and gift sections that may be a bit off the path of main traffic. It just might help them find the proper gift they were looking for!

  1. Signs for seamless pickup options

If curbside pickup or options to order online and pick up in-store aren’t in your business vocabulary, it’s time to re-shape your plan. Those two options hit their heyday in 2020, and their popularity means they’re here to stay. Reports show that it actually improved shoppers’ experience by 70% as it increased convenience. 90% of customers claimed they were more likely to choose a store based on experience. With experience as a large part of why someone might choose your store over a competitor, invest a few moments in a holiday audit by walking around your store to assess any areas that might require more signage for a positive shopping experience.

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