Pier 8 Double sided Billboard Case study

Pier 8 Double sided Billboard Case study


Waterfront Shores in Hamilton, ON was in need of two double-sided billboards to let potential clients know about the up-and-coming Pier 8 Condos coming soon. Waterfront Shores wanted billboards that matched the brand guidelines and was easily visible to onlookers.


Minoh Inc partnered with Blackjet Inc, a Toronto Based creative agency, to manufacture and develop the Billboards and ensured that they met the needs of the Pier 8 Developers, Waterfront Shores. Two custom double-sided billboards that capture the eyes of passersby, and most importantly, advertise the up and coming project while reinforcing Waterfront Shores’ brand. Each sign consists of a support structure, made out of wood, steel posts, rebar, and concrete anchoring. Everything is then cladded in printed ACM. Pedestrians and Possible future customers can now see the signs standing proudly at their locations.

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