Signage To Get Your Covid-19 Vaccination Center Location Ready

Signage To Get Your Covid-19 Vaccination Center Location Ready

The last year has been one for the history books. Around the world, over 100 million people have contracted COVID-19 virus and new variant cases are now being reported. While we began last year with our doubts, we ended the year with some levels of hope as two vaccines were approved and have shown to be effective. Sites to receive the vaccine are being set up everywhere from schools to medical centers and even Disneyland.

To get vaccine sites set up swiftly and safely, communication is key. Minoh Inc recommends these sign and graphic options as standard.

Parking and Exterior Signs

The moment people begin arriving at the designated vaccination site, flow of traffic is extremely important. Sending vehicles to the correct destination as fast as possible with clearly marked parking signs and arrows. Banners on buildings can make visitors aware of entrances and exits from a distance, reducing confusion. It may also be useful to place temporary signs throughout the parking area to let those arriving know if they need to wait in their vehicle or call a phone number upon arrival.

Wayfinding and Directional Signs

As those arriving to get vaccinated approach the location, pavement graphics and A-frame signs can visually guide them. Directional signage should be visible and easy to read from a distance. Pop-up tents are optimal for outdoor check-in points. They are able to be moved as needed and can provide a visual landmark for those who need to orient themselves.

Informational Signs and Graphics

The impacts of Covid-19 have changed our everyday lives. Many may be feeling nervous and doubtful as they arrive for their vaccine. You can help provide comfort and confidence with temporary wall graphics, window hanging signs, posters and banners that display useful tips and vaccine information. All of these can designate injection sites and control the process.

Soon, at one site alone, thousands will be vaccinated each day, with the number expected to grow. From parking and following directions to line management and information sharing, well thought out signs and graphics will play a critical role in keeping vaccine sites working safely and efficiently. 

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