Want to renew your space without traditional construction? We know how!

Choose from hundreds of patterns to replace worn surfaces.
Business needs are rapidly evolving, and many of our buildings are in need of urgent transformations, with little budget or capacity for downtime to undertake major renovations. But that doesn’t mean transformation is impossible. With the technology of 3M™ Films, you can help clients start a new chapter—to reinvent the way we spend time in our offices, rethink the retail experience, and change the way we gather in hospitality environments.
3M™ Architectural Finishes and Graphic Films provide a new look or revive an existing look virtually overnight for almost any surface, without undergoing a costly or time-consuming renovation.
All 3M™ Films are quick to install with less downtime and low impact to daily business operations, and are easy to maintain, repair, and clean.
3M™ Films can be applied to virtually any surface.

Creating unique, memorable spaces can be costly and inconvenient — but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re creating a new environment or refreshing an outdated space, 3M has solutions to help you transform a space without the cost, hassle, and disruption of traditional construction, so you can easily bring your vision to life.

Create unique, memorable spaces overnight.
Your design vision is that the signature you permit on your projects. But the products you specify must also meet other critical objectives like budgets, timing, building codes, sustainability goals, your client’s branding and functionality needs, and far more. That’s why 3M has developed innovative, science-based finishes which will facilitate your transform spaces and make new, unique environments. With 3M Films, you'll maximize your design impact without sacrificing your creative ideals.

Create signature design without compromise.
Deliver design flexibility and peace of mind by designing with industry-leading, science-based solutions. With 3M Films, you’re specifying best-in-class quality, durable surface solutions that are on-trend, customizable and budget-friendly.
Cost Effective
Don’t compromise on your creative vision. 3M's surface solutions are an economical alternative to traditional construction materials, allowing you to depart your design signature on a project—on budget, on time, no hassle.
Remodel and Reuse
By refreshing instead of replacing existing surfaces, fixtures and built-ins, you'll help reduce landfill waste and acquire LEED® credits to support your sustainability goals—for beautiful designs you'll be able to feel good about.
Quick Installation
As you design for the following chapter, reinvent spaces without a costly or time-consuming renovation. Reimagine almost any surface with 3M Films installed quickly and simply by certified 3M installers and make less downtime, noise and disruption for your clients.
Easy to scrub and Maintain
With 3M's surface solutions, you’re not just creating beautiful designs. You’re designing for durability with surfaces that repair easily and arise to commonly used cleaners without degradation while meeting code requirements.
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