Why Vinyl Graphics are a Leading Choice for Remodelling Offices on a Budget

Why Vinyl Graphics are a Leading Choice for Remodelling Offices on a Budget

Any work place normally requires an office or shop makeover after 2 - 3 years. The wear and tear of floors, walls, tables, and windows will make them look old and worn out. 

An easy way out of the lengthy and expensive process of getting a new paint job for office and shop owners, is to get their workplace makeover done in vinyl stickering. Let us explain how vinyl stickers are cost-effective, durable, and much, much more. Recent advancement in technology has allowed the cost for vinyl sticker manufacturing to go down and new printers have followed suit with cheaper printing cost per sticker.

The unlimited design customization options makes the sky the limit for creative marketing. Your marketing department can come up with alluring and responsive marketing designs that will boost your employee’s commitment to the company, bring in more customer conversions, and heighten your brand's recognition.

Vinyl wrap hits two birds with one stone - it gets the office makeover done and it elevates the business as a whole.

Wall Wraps / Wall Vinyl Stickers

One of the most important parts of an office makeover is to get the walls to look brand new. Wall wraps can be applied over the whole wall from corner to corner. The specific type of wrap needed will depend on the location or condition of the wall. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to design. For staff-only rooms, consider morale-boosting quotes and refreshing images to encourage your employees. For the public, customer service area, a more professional-looking wrap can be used with branding, customer success stories, etc.

Mesh Windows stickers

Almost every shop and office has windows, however these places are often neglected and left untouched. Mesh window stickers act kind of like a one-way mirror. From the outside, customers will only see your marketing design, but from the inside, the outside will be visible

Table / Rack wraps

The best thing about vinyl stickers is that they can be applied to pretty much anything. Like walls, tables and racks in the workplace also get scuffed and marked. Vinyl stickers can be used on employee tables to get a new look, regardless of wear and tear. They can either use colours that follow their brand guidelines or get informational and frequently used data printed right on the table top.

Floor Stickers

It is recommended to apply floor stickers to a durable material, like tiles or marble.  However, welcome, directional, or wayfinding stickers can be applied wherever they are needed. Ever since we have been faced with the pandemic (COVID-19), the use of stickers related to standard operational procedures has risen and is highly encouraged to keep customers as well as employees safe. These stickers are innovative and can create a fun way to connect with others while informing them of how to stay safe.

For business owners who have a clumsy-looking office and are thinking about an office or shop makeover can rely on Minoh to provide high-quality stickers. Minoh has certified professionals who take their work seriously and are dead set on delivering premium results. Contact us today to get your office the makeover it deserves.
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