• You don’t think much about signs till you start to notice them, till you become the person that makes them, then they are all you see.

    I myself have always been captivated by their presence and visibility in the public sphere.

    After selling my initial signage company, I took a break and spent some time abroad in Japan.

    This trip had a life-changing impact on me, and the business that I dreamed of creating.

    The name Minoh is inspired by statue and the story

    behind it. 

    The name “Minoh” comes from Minoo or Mino falls near Osaka, Japan. The name of the waterfall comes from the fall's resemblance to winnowing, a traditional farming technique to separate grains from husks (the Japanese word for "winnow basket" is "mino")

    At the base of this waterfall is a statue of a young man carrying his mother on his back down the mountain, just like she carried him when he was a child.

    To me, this is what Minoh stands for. Supporting your loved ones, and moving forward through the world.

    Kyle Gatt, Founder and CEO

Kyle Gatt

Founder and CEO

Marco Marin

Project Manager

Dwayne Burton

Senior Account Executive

Kieron Daly

Operations Manager

Steven Mayers

Sales Manager

Savi Chandrawarnam


Taye Harding

Administration/ Customer Service

Steven Geller

Production/ Installation

Tan Dang


David Acevedo