Hanging Banners Best Practices


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What is a Hanging Banner?

Hanging banners are signs that are meant to be suspended along a wall or from a ceiling with the option of designing it to meet your needs. Banner materials vary based on whether the banner is meant to go indoors or outdoors. Same applies to the available finishing options. How it’s finished Directly affects how you can hang it up.

Advantages of Hanging Banner System

There are several benefits of hanging banners. The most notable advantage of using a sign that is suspended from the ceiling or hangs from the wall is that it’s eye-catching. People tend to look up when they’re walking in a crowded area. They’re likely to see your banner or structure even if they’re at a distance. If your banner is visually appealing enough and gets your message across in a comprehensive way, people are more likely to come over.

Where can they be placed

A few ideas include: To promote a new product in-store, at a pop-up shop, a community event, an outdoor festival or to celebrate a milestone event.

Hanging Banner Types

Vinyl Hanging Banner

The Classic One. Made with vinyl material this material is a perfect fit for interior and exteriors


Mesh Hanging Banner

For Heavy weathers, If you live in an area with relentless wind gusts, the micro perforations allow for airflow wich reduces the drag on your sign.


Fabric Hanging Banner

This one is the most stylish banner on this category. Guaranteed to impress all your customers