Startup Vision
Over the past two years I have taken a break and armed myself with the beautiful gift of self-discovery.
I have been to places that I have always wanted to visit and experienced firsthand their wonderful and diverse cultures.
These experiences and travels paved the way for a new vision and reinvigorated my passion for the signage industry.
It led me to the realization that even though I may go far and experience sights and sounds so pleasing to the senses, I still yearn to be at home in Toronto and doing what I do best.
So that is where I introduce you to Minoh Inc.
We are a company fuelled by passion and designed with a vision of helping local businesses in a professional but exciting, out of the box approach.

-Kyle Gatt

Leader of WOW! Minoh Inc

Humble Beginning

Westblock Hoarding

Moonlight Hoarding

QA Sales Centre

A few of our trusty partners


"Minoh has provided us with functional designs and quality signage to help enhance our marketing strategies and grow awareness towards new development sites. The only thing better then the product is the customer service that we have received since the beginning of our working relationship together.”
Calibrex Developments


“It is always such a pleasure working with the Minoh team. From large scale billboards and signage that spans the length of our condos to simple lot signs and interior way-finding signs – the Minoh team doesn’t only meet expectations but always goes beyond. Minoh consistently delivers on their promise of prompt service and quality signs but the ease of collaborating with them is a bonus treat.”

Michelle Escutin-Chow Senior Project Coordinator, Marketing


"As an agency we tend to push ourselves and our designs to the limit, and that often means reinventing the wheel from project to project. We depend on Kyle and his team to help us solve our unsolvable problems and execute our most daunting ideas. With MINOH we're able to redraw the boundaries of what's possible."
Marco Marino Chief Design Officer


It's a dope place!